Enfield Plan

The latest and final version of Labour's Enfield plan raises huge concerns and threats to the future of the borough from putting tower blocks on the green belt, to a crematorium incinerator on public play areas at the Church Street Recreation Ground.  If you want to help us fight these changes join us.

The latest link to the draft Enfield Plan.  Please note that the address has changed previously, but it should still be found if you google “Enfield Local Plan” or navigate to it from the www.enfield.gov.uk homepage. 

Some local organisations, like the Enfield Society, also have dedicated areas with their comments and a link to the plan.

Key Dates

  • 19 March 2024  -  Meeting of the Full Council to debate the Enfield Local Plan was originally called for 6 March 2024, then at the last minute postponed to 19 March.  Labour used their majority to force the plan through this stage despite clear opposition from Conservative Councillors and local residents.
  • 28 March 2024  -  Labour have ungenerously set the consultation period at just seven weeks, to allow people to review up to a little under 8000 pages of documentation including the "supporting evidence".  The details are advertised by London Borough of Enfield.   The Enfield Society has also published a very helpful breakdown of the plan.
  • Various ward forums and other meetings are being held, organised by various community groups and associations depending on where you live, so please ask any organisation local to you what they are doing about the plan and attend if you can?  Also planning officers are going to be available to answer questions about the Local Plan on the following dates/locations:
    Tuesday 23rd April from 5-7pm at Edmonton Green Library, 36-44 South Mall, Edmonton, N9 0TN.
    - Thursday 25 April 2024 from 6.30-8pm at Wren Academy, 3 Chace Village Road, Enfield EN2 8GH.
    - Tuesday 30 April 2024 from 12:30-2:30pm at Enfield Town Library, Church Street.
    - Tuesday 30 April 2024 from 5-7pm at Palmers Green Library, Broomfield Lane, Palmers Green, N13 4EY.
  • 20 May 2024  -  The closing date will be confirmed when the consultation starts.  The announced running time for the consultation is a seven weeks after opening (we had asked for twelve, it’s a huge document). We strongly recommend you get your comments in well before the closing date.

Some Issues to Consider 

We have a huge list of concerns with the local plan, the points below are just a few of the points you may wish to consider:

  • Are you happy that all possible brownfield sites have been included in the ELP? 
  • Do you think more emphasis could be put on redeveloping poor quality strategic industrial land?
  • Do you agree with proposals in the plan to build on green belt land?
  • Do you agree with proposals to build on the small green spaces in some of our most urban areas?
  • Are you happy with how some areas of the borough seem to be largely ignored by the plan or have been ruled out with little actually planned to happen to them?
  • Do you believe there that its choice between green space or building, or are their places in Enfield which should be focused on instead? 
  • Do you think its right to build a crematorium incinerator on Church Street Recreation Ground, up to 10m from people's houses?
  • Do you agree with the redevelopment of Sainsburys in Winchmore Hill for housing? 
  • Do you agree with the redevelopment of the car parks for housing?
  • Do you agree with the proposals to build tall buildings near conservation areas?
  • Do you agree with the proposal for closing and redeveloping Whitewebbs golf course and nearby land?
  • Do you believe that the building on Vicarage Farm (the green space you see on the road from Slades Hill to Oakwood Station) will make the borough greener?
  • Do you agree with the proposal to build 3000 houses at Crews Hill?

Reading the Plan 

A few basic tips for anyone not used to wading through big documents:

  1. Don’t try to read it all at once, flick through it and get a sense of structure and where the interesting bits sit.  
  2. Do make notes and make sure you reference where you saw a point. This can be helpful when you are looking back to check something.
  3. Do read analytically. Are the assertions made correct? What evidence is offered? What is missing from what is said?  Is there a better/different way? Does it make sense? 

Having Your Say

Labour will ignore all previous consultation comments, so if its still in the plan you need to say it again in the coming consultation.  The Enfield Local Plan may be the most significant document you will ever read concerning Enfield’s future, it is very important that you do comment.  When you comment its important to put it in terms of impact and evidence, rather simply if you think something is good or terrible.   If you object to something, explain how you think it will effect the area, similarly if you think how a change might improve things.


Do not send your comments in until the consultation starts! 


    Please note all information here is published as the latest information we have received, please check source information where appropriate. 





    EWHCA Survey

    • Current What is your view on these issues?
    • Who will you support?
    • Your details
    Do you think Enfield Council should plan to build more housing on the Green Belt when so many brownfield sites remain undeveloped?
    Do you support Enfield Council’s plans to build a crematorium incinerator on Church Street Recreation Ground?
    Do you think Enfield Council is justified in raising its Green Bin charges by 25% to £100 a year?
    Do you think Enfield Council should be buying expensive furniture for the Civic Centre when it is cutting the Council Tax benefits to some of the poorest people in the Borough?
    Should Enfield Council reintroduce weekly bin collections for household waste?
    Do you think Enfield Council has got fly tipping under control across the Borough?
    If you are a council tenant, do you think your housing is well maintained by the Enfield Council
    Do you support Enfield Council creating a closed off area around Edmonton Green (a LTN/"Quiet neighbourhood") using road closures and traffic cameras ?